Thursday, April 26, 2012

20 things I would rather do than write a cover letter

I'm applying for real-life jobs right now and it is a struggle. 

It made me realize, if push came to shove, these are some things I think are terrible, but I'd STILL rather do them than finish writing this cover letter:

1) Lick my dog's nose

Dem glasses

2) Eat a banana off my kitchen's disgusting floor. (did that already today, by the way)

4) Wear blue eyeshadow like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show to class for an entire day.
Just got an idea for my next Halloween costume

5) Learn how to number my lists. Because I definitely skipped #3 up there ^

6) Give myself a papercut under my fingernail

7) Force myself watch George Clooney's overrated acting for 3 hours. 

Shut up, George Clooney. 

8) Watch that scene from Homeward Bound where Shadow falls in a pit. 

9) Smile and nod while you tell me about how stressful Freshman year has been for you.

10) Smile and nod while you tell me that you wear yoga pants because they're comfortable, not because it makes your butt look good.

11) Go jean shopping

12) Eat a fist full of cilantro. 

13) Scrape my toenail on the cement when I'm walking beside a pool. 

14) Listen to someone explain to me how The Big Bang Theory has really "smart humor" and that's probably why I don't like it. 

15) Clean a toilet at Arby's

16) Watch "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"  every single  time it's on TV. About twice per week. 

17) Get in the grocery line with the overly chatty cashier. 

18) Listen to someone in class who thinks that they’re the first person to realize that young people don’t communicate unless it's through text, tweet or post. Yeah. We know. Everyone knows. Everyone probably wrote a paper about it within the last month. Stop acting like you’ve had an epiphany. I heard this the other day in class:

“It’s like... with the creation of the Internet, no one has any real friends anymore. We’re all just talking at each other not with each other.”

Gahhhhh I just.. hate so much about the things that you choose to do.

19) Watch Sandra Bullock get the Oscar for Best Actress over and over and over and over.

20) Eat an egg salad sandwich.

***editor's note: adding in a 21 option because technically I skipped #3**

21) Pick up my razor when it falls behind our terrifying bathtub


Anything I've missed? I think I've postponed for long enough. Back to applications!


  1. I have cilantro in the fridge. We can make #12 happen.

    You also forgot to mention the Cinnamon Challenge. Or maybe the Cardigan Challenge.

    Lastly, how about clean underneath the tub? you should take a cute little picture of how that looks, too. Might make Mimi look a little less scary in comparison.

    1. I'll throw a pic of the bathtub up there

  2. Um... I think there are only 19 here. You skipped #3