Sunday, April 15, 2012

Am I the only one who noticed?

So Verizon has a new commercial. Here it is.

It's funny, it's clever, what an original idea!

BUT OH WAIT. NO IT ISN'T AT ALL. Because SNL did the exact same thing in the early 90s. And they did it WAY BETTER.

Check out the SNL version featuring David Spade, Phil Hartman and Mike Meyers

They couldn't even come up with a new sport! Really? Basketball. Again.

Verizon didn't even try to make the idea their own. They just straight up copied it. So much so, that I thought they were doing it on purpose and they'd offer a little homage at the end. But... nope. They just let everyone believe it was original.

So, I have brought it upon myself to share the news that Verizon is the worst and they can't come up with original ideas so they steal them from sketch comedy shows. From people who aren't professional advertisers, just a bunch of writers making "mock-u-commercials" (copyright, Hannah 2012) to get some laughs.

What I'm trying to say is... Verizon, you're on my list.

Companies that have ruined themselves in my eyes because of terrible marketing
-Capital One


  1. Three things.
    1) But seriously, that is TERRIBLE.
    2) If they don't stop playing the ad on Hulu I will actually walk to Verizon headquarters and slap their CEO.
    3) Reminds me of how Subaru made the exact same ad State Farm had done like two years earlier, where it seems like the little girl is going out into the world but then it turns out it's just the guy's daugher and GOSH, they grow up so fast.

    1. ugh that Subaru commercial killed me.