Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going Veg: Day 17

Well things have been getting REAL on the job front, so I've fallen a little behind on blog post updating.

For example, today at an interview someone asked me what my technical experience with data programming is and I was all,

And then they put a spreadsheet in front of me that was meant to test my Excel knowledge and I was all,

And then once I finished I tried to sneak out of there all,

But they saw me (I probably should have taken off the fake mustache and glasses) and asked me a million more questions.

So... yeah. Busy. Also, I've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Also, for the last three days I've been listening to a lot of Harry Potter books on tape. Also, my next two post ideas are going to take a lot of research and quite frankly that sounds like a huge helping of no thank you. 

But I will finish them/start them, I swear. For now, lets talk veggies.

I have cheated on this vegetarian excursion three times. Only one time was on purpose.

1. The second day of my vegetarian month, I went to a bar called Johnny O's that offers free mini corn dogs with the purchase of a $2 pitcher. I'm not a strong person and corn dogs are my weakness. They were free and I hadn't eaten all day. And I kind of forgot I wasn't eating meat. Kind of. 

2. Ate a bite of fried chicken before remembering that I was vegetarian, lolz.

3. Ate a bite of chicken fried steak because I've never had it and I wanted to try. So the only time I purposefully ignored my vegetarian promise was to eat meat that's been fried in other meat, covered in a third meat's gravy.


Worth it.

The hardest part about going veg has been going out to eat. I like vegetarian dishes, but sometimes there's something else on the menu that I want more.

I'm not saying that the fried green tomatoes I had last night weren't awesome. They were scrumptious. And I never would have tried them if I wasn't vegetarian. But I was at a restaurant that's famous for wood fire barbecue. And I wanted some wood fire barbecue, dang it!

The other hard part is cooking with non-vegetarians. I don't want other people to have to make concessions for me, but oftentimes I end up the diplodocus at the t-rex party.

Essentially what I'm saying is:

Good parts about being vegetarian
-Trying new foods
-Vegetarian options cost less
-Probably healthier

Bad parts about being vegetarian
-Limited options
-Feel like a burden to people cooking
-I'm tired of cooking with tofu


  1. shout out to night two at Johnny O's. I take full credit considering I took advantage of you after all of those free corn dogs and $2 pitchers. I couldn't eat them all by myself.... Come back so we can cheat on your vegetarianism again. I'll bring the hummus.

  2. I just wanted to tell you about all the lolz ive had from your writing.