Saturday, May 12, 2012

Haaaaave you met Ben Weber?

I was minding my own business the other day, just sitting around eating dry fistfuls of "Joe's O's" cereal and watching a Say Yes to the Dress Marathon, when a commercial popped up for CiCi's pizza.

I'm not certain if everyone knows what CiCi's Pizza is, so let me explain: CiCi's pizza is terrible. In a lovable way. It's a pizza buffet, with the pizza flavors varying from Mac n' Cheese to buffalo chicken. And it's super cheap. And it's super gross. It's a very popular place for "men of a certain age." And that age is 15.

CiCi's Pizza is the reason I was so hesitant to try Ian's pizza here in Madison, because they are hauntingly similar. Except Ian's pizza is good and definitely not cheap. Okay I got really off track here, but anyway. The commercial featured THIS GUY:

Ben Weber. A man amongst men, if you will. By that I mean... no one ever seems to recognize him, so he can continue being every guy in every commercial.

I can't find the CiCi's commercial but I swear it's him! And he's in every single commercial ever. I have to wonder... how is he doing it? Ben Weber has been on several TV shows and movies. Sex in the City, Everwood, Twister, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And once you're in TV and movies you don't generally slide back to commercials, or you aren't casted because you've become too recognizable. But Ben Weber cannot be stopped!

GasX Commercial:

Some might say that was embarrassing for ol' Ben. But he took it all in stride. And moved on to...

Chevy Malibu "Feel That" Commercial

He didn't even make it to be "front seat" guy in this commercial. He was downgraded to "one-line backseat" guy. Better than "no-line backseat girl" I suppose. 

Harrah's "Come out and Play" commercial

I hate everything about this commercial except for the guy in the tan suede-looking suit who just keeps nodding, approvingly. 

Clorox "clean-up volcano" commercial

If I was a teacher and a kid came in with a volcano for a science project I would fail them for unoriginality.

One of the Geico Cavemen

Did I just blow your mind? It's true. 

I think he's the one that says "that is really condescending." But I'm not positive. He's one of the original Geico cavemen, that's all I know. 


I can think of about four more commercials that he's in, but I can't find the videos on YouTube and I think the point has been made. Ben Weber, my hat is off to you for being able to star in so many commercials, movies and TV shows but still be so much of an "every man" that no one seems to notice. You just slip through the commercial, completely undetected.

Ben, I think you would relate very strongly to John C. Reilly in Chicago. You actually even look a lot alike. 

Did you two just become best friends? YUP.


  1. Look right through me, walk right by me, and never know I'm there.

    My mind is blown by Ben Weber.

  2. Yes! I tweeted about this a while ago! Well, I called him by his Sex and The City character's name, Skipper, but YES. OH MY GOD. He's also in the Starburst commercial with the dog with his butt hanging out of the window, and the one where the mom keeps saying "no" to things and then gets to say yes or whatever.

    I think it's because he's goony enough to be non-threatening to men and silly to women, and average-looking enough to feel like he could be you. I mean, in the eyes of the client, of course. To me, he looks like Skipper Johnston. Always has, always will.

  3. I'm glad you posted this! He is now in an Oscar Meyer "yes" commercial. I can't believe these companies haven't realized that they are all hiring the same man. Hats off to his agent! Sometimes you can see him three times in a row for three different products!

  4. I love watching him in all of those commercials! The best ever is the gasx and the lunch meat one where he and his wife both drop the turkey!