Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday GIF guide

Tis the season, everyone. My tree is decorated, I strung a bunch of popcorn and cranberries, and the holiday GIFs are ripe for the plucking.

Stop. Pause. Before I go on, I would like to take a poll. A stirring argument occurred in my apartment a few days ago, and I INSIST that I am proven right. So, please look to your right. Not directly to your right, dummy. Look to the right of this post.

Please take a moment to read this question about popcorn and cranberry stringing, and let me know your answer. I don't want to say what my opinion is, in case it sways people's answers. But just remember that if you answer wrong I will use my powers of deduction and an elaborate algorithm I will pick one of you at random and give you the old "virtual stink-eye." That's when I glare at my computer like this for hours while I say your name silently in my head:

So... yeah. Take the poll.

Anyway, where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh! Holiday GIF guide! As many people know, I love a good GIF. However, I try not to let this blog become one of those Tumblrs that posts one GIF per day and then puts a little description sentence before each one. Examples of this can be seen here and here.

Do I love these sites? Yes, yes I do. But they are everywhere and I don't think I need to pile on.

EXCEPT FOR RIGHT NOW! Allow me to introduce the first annual HOLIDAY GIF GUIDE!!!!!

Lets begin!

Thanksgiving Dinner:

The next day:

Grabbing the last box of Frango Mints at Macy's


When one burned out bulb causes a wholes strand to go out.


Finding out that the movie Home Alone is 22 years old.

Getting roped into making 3 dozen Christmas cookies

Getting hit on at the bar by three guys dressed in red footie pjs and Santa hats.

Just replace "she" with "they"

Realizing that the free cocktails at the holiday Christmas party have loosened your tongue a bit more than you'd hoped:


Meeting one new person after another at your significant other's Holiday party:

And then when they ask who you know there:

Trying to keep it together when I'm in the car and Josh Groban's "I'll Be Home For Christmas" comes on the radio. The one with the soldiers saying Merry Christmas to their families back home.

Watching a sibling get roped into an hour-long Christmas phone call while you slip silently out of the room

Going home to my parent's house for Christmas and discovering a table full of cookies and chocolate

Did I forget anyone's favorite Christmas movies? I tried to include a lot of them. But I still feel like I'm missing some.

I almost forgot! Credit for the idea of a holiday GIF guide goes to my friend Ben. Have you ever wondered who designed this dishtowel for Crate & Barrel? Or this plate? He is a brilliant designer and illustrator and you should go to his website right HERE

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  1. My favourite Christmas movie (after Home Alone and Love Actually) is Mixed Nuts. Because: Madeline Kahn.