Sunday, February 5, 2012


It has been a WEEK. And by that I mean I have been fluctuating between extreme giddiness and passionate bitterness. I'm giddy because it's my last semester and I am about to start off my real life, and soon I'll be well-dressed and in a nice apartment and I'll be diving into pools of gold coins Scrooge McDuck style after my 11am to 3pm job. (let a girl dream, people.)

Until then, however, my free time is spent creating and re-creating my resume to send out to about a million internships and jobs and I'm about to rip out all of my hair. And may I say something? I'm awesome at cover letters. I make cover letters my biotch. That being said, cover letters are the worst thing ever invented in the history of ever. I maintain that nobody is actually reading this crap. One professor told me that sometimes when you send in your resume and cover letter online, some employers just do a word search for the key words they're looking for and then they throw out the resumes that don't have that word. 

So... I've been nervous pooing for about 2 weeks. (again with the poop and fart jokes...)

In a matter of minutes I can go from happy Colin... bitter at the world, you guys all suck Colin:

It's exhausting, and I still have at least 3 months of it left. So I'm just going to crank up the bagpipe music on pandora (yeah.) and keep on keeping on.


  1. I think professors are paid to terrify college students about getting jobs. I've heard someone say that if you include a cover letter at all, they won't hire you. I've heard that if you DON'T include them, they won't hire you. So you know what? Screw it. Just write a good, short cover letter and Colin #2 it up.

  2. I think I'm going start using the phrase "Colin #2" more often. Such as: I'm about to go Colin #2 on your ass!