Thursday, March 1, 2012

Al Ott

I hope you've all heard of the awesome blog called Hyperbole and a Half. The writer, Allie Brosh, chronicles her life through drawings and it sometimes causes me to cry from laughter. 

czech out this bad boy if you want a good post to start with. Actually, read that post regardless because it's what I'm basing the rest of my post on. 

I will wait.


summary of the Hyperbole and a Half post if you're too lazy to click: People misspell the phrase "a lot" and often spell it "alot." In her post, Allie imagines that there is such a creature as the mysterious "alot" that people are referring to. This is it:

courtesy Hyperbole and a Half

SHMANYWAY.  I was surfing the internets at my internship the other day, and I stumbled across something glorious. My internship requires that I know a lot of information about Wisconsin politics, like state representatives and county board supervisors. SO:

Has anyone else discovered that Wisconsin has a State Representative named Al Ott
Yes indeed. Al Ott, Republican representative for the 3rd district of Wisconsin.  

Oh, Al. 

I know nothing of his policies so I apologize if he's a seal-hunting, flag-burning, Meryl Streep-hating stink face. I'm not endorsing the dude, I'm just saying that his name is awesome. 

Why is his name so awesome? Because I imagined his face on the body of the alot creature. Then it would be an Al Ott alot. And I loved this idea so much that I immediately saved his photo, rushed to the nearest computer with photoshop, and created this:

I'm DYING. I'm positive that this isn't that funny to other people, but I am actually dying. I think it's his face. Al Ott looks like he really enjoys being an alot. I avoided applications for this. 

Time well spent. 

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