Monday, October 13, 2014

Squashtober Spice Countdown Day 10: Pumpkin Spice Portillo's Shake

Sorry to alienate anyone who doesn't like in the Chicagoland area, but Portillo's is the greatest restaurant ever, forever. 

They look like this on the outside:

And you eat this on the inside:

So when I heard about the pumpkin spice shake, I had to try it out. Although based on the cashier's reaction when she took my order, not many people are ordering. 

Me: I'd like a pumpkin shake, please. 
Cashier: Heh?
Me: A pumpkin shake. 
Cashier: Vanilla?
Me: Pumpkin. 
Cashier: *blink*
*looks at menu board*
Cashier: Pumpkin it is!

Looks can be deceiving. This was really good. It's like... pumpkin ice cream. If you let the pumpkin ice cream melt to the consistency of a liquid.

I should have expected no less from a restaurant that has this on the menu:

Don't think about the fact that it is a cake with mayonnaise in it. Don't wonder about whether they slipped mayonnaise into the pumpkin shake. Just sip, and enjoy.

General Thoughts: How much mayonnaise would it take for me to not eat a slice of chocolate cake?
Grade: A

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