Saturday, October 25, 2014

Squashtober Spice Countdown Days 24 & 25 - The Alcohol Smorgasborg

So I went to a Kroger and purchased all the pumpkin beers that I could find. Plus a non-alcoholic pumpkin spice bubbly drink thing.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (Existing in a NyQuil/DayQuil fevered haze in order to stave off cold/flu symptoms) I could not consume any alcoholic beverages, or my liver would explode. 

Thankfully, my boyfriend bravely offered to take the bullet and consume the beers with great gusto while I wrapped myself in a Superman Snuggie and watched Hocus Pocus for the first time.

The non-alcoholic stuff:

That's not my picture. I forgot to take a picture, in fact. And now that bottle is in another state. But you get the idea.

My first thought when I drank this was, "Oh yeah, I would love this if I was 12 years old and drinking it out of a wine glass at my first year at the 'adults table' on Thanksgiving."

But beyond that, it was crazy fruity and tasted a lot like apples, actually. Which makes sense, since I think it's about equal parts apple and pumpkin.

Grade: B-

The alcoholic stuff:

The boyfriend wanted to be super thorough and snooty with his assessments. Which are as follows:

Wilhelm Scream by Magic Hat
Appearance: Gold Amber
Head: Thin
Nose: Sweet Malt
Palate: Sweet Corn with metallic pumpkin spice. Thin and watery.
Notes: This beer is horrible, don't buy it. 

Woodchuck Pumpkin Reserve
Appearance: I forgot to fill this line out and now the beer is gone. 
Head: Non existent
Nose: Sweet nutmeg
Palate: Semi-Dry cider with pumpkin and spice
Notes: Only tastes like pumpkin when warm, but a good cider.

Jawjacker Arcadia Brewing
Appearance: I forgot to fill this line out and now the beer is gone. 
Head: None
Nose: Flemish Sour
Palate: Tastes like Hannah's pumpkin pie that she made with too much spice. Horrible beer, the bottle might have gone off.

Notes: Pumpkin pie in a bottle. End of Story.


Let it be known that I resent his assessment of my pumpkin pie. It was delicious. Delicious and spicy. 

Working on a post with a play-by-play of my first experience with Hocus Pocus. I have a lot of thoughts. A lot of Bette Midler thoughts. 

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