Thursday, October 23, 2014

Squashtober Spice Countdown Day 15: Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels

Let me tell you - If you are at any point in your life trying to recreate this noble pursuit of mine, there is no better grocery store than Kroger for pumpkin spiced items.

Every aisle endcap you walk past is a veritable cornucopia of fall-flavored items. I mean really.... pumpkin spice pretzels?!

Now, these didn't look the most appetizing. If I had to name their color, I would call it: Hannah's skin tone.

Like a crazy pale peach with powder on it.

They tasted pretty good. All yogurt pretzels remind me of those little pretzel/white chocolate/m&m Christmas cookie things. These bad boys:

Like many pumpkiny things I've eaten this month, it just made me wish that I was eating the typical flavor. Like chocolate covered pretzels, or something.

But still, pretty good.

Overall Thoughts: Does anyone make those m&m pretzel Christmas cookies anymore? I feel like those were discovered in the 90s and have yet to make their glorious return. Probably on Pinterest.
Grade: B

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