Friday, October 24, 2014

Squashtober Spice Countdown Days 21 & 22: Pumpkin Breakfast

Pumpkin for breakfast, pumpkin for lunch, pumpkin for dinner. These are the sacrifices I make when I'm trying to make up a week of missed posts.

Pumpkin bars and Pumpkin O's?! Trader Joe's, you always provide.

So the pumpkin O's basically taste like Apple Jacks but... pumpkinier? That's a word. Ooo I bet they'd be good mixed up with Apple Jacks. Or Cocoa Pebbles? Or Lucky Charms?! Ugh, no. That would be terrible. Just stick with plain Pumpkin O's.

The pumpkin bars, however? Pretty good. I would eat those outside of pumpkin season, which I think probably indicates that it's good food.

Overall Thoughts: 8am is too early for pumpkin. It's an afternoon squash at best.
Grade: Pumpkin Bars - A
Pumpkin O's - B

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