Monday, October 13, 2014

Squashtober Spice Countdown Day 13: Pumpkin Eggnog

Because I have never tried eggnog before, I had a lot of questions before trying a pumpkin-spiced version.

1. What is eggnog?
2. Does it taste like egg?
3. Has anyone ever invented a name for a food that was less palatable than eggnog?
4. How is it prepared? Do you drink it on its own? I have heard tell that you're meant to put rum in it, but I'm not sure that's wise on the day before a  five-hour flight.
5. How does one serve eggnog?

I answered that last question for myself. I decided it looked best in a wine glass.

I think perhaps that the packaging here is sending mixed messages. An orange carton (Halloween) paired with the image of a snow-covered cabin (Christmas) but it's flavored pumpkin (Halloween) but it's eggnog (Christmas).

It was.... thick. Seems like I was probably supposed to cut it with something. Milk? Is that something that people do? Made me want to mix it into some kind of alcoholic milkshake.

*Food Truck Idea* A truck that's opened only in the summer that serves alcoholic milkshakes.

There's something there.

Overall Thoughts: Don't you dare steal my idea for an alcoholic milkshake truck.
Grade: Can I mix it into something? Or mix something into it? If so, B. 

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